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Ante- and Post-Natal Home-Visiting Programmes: A review of reviews (Report)

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Bull,J., McCormick,G., Swano,C., & Mulvihill,C. (2004). Ante- and post-natal home-visiting programmes: A review of reviews (Report) (1st Edition). NHS: Health Development Agency.

Visiting pregnant women and new mothers at home has become an increasingly important activity for public health nursing in many countries. In the US, for instance, the number of home-visiting programmes for parents of young children has grown substantially, with large numbers of children enrolled in such schemes (Olds et al., 2000.) This reflects a growing recognition of the importance of the early years of life in determining adult health and in preventing a range of adverse child health outcomes that may be associated with social disadvantage. These include outcomes such as childaccidents and injuries (which display a steep social gradient in the UK), and child abuse and maltreatment. However, the emphasis in many home-visiting programmes has also been to promote positive aspects of ‘family wellness’, including the cognitive and intellectual development of children, parenting skills and support, positive maternal mental health and use of other health services.

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