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Appropriate technology for birth (WHO)

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WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). Appropriate technology for birth. The Lancet, Volume 326, Issue 8452, 1985, Pages 436-437, ISSN 0140-6736, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(85)92750-3.

In April, the European regional office of the World Health Organisation, the Pan American Health Organisation, and the WHO regional office of the Americas held a conference on appropriate technology for birth. The conference, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, was attended by over 50 participants representing midwifery, obstetrics, paediatrics, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, economics, health administration, and mothers. Careful review of the knowledge of birth technology led to unanimous adoption of the recommendations which follow. WHO believes these recommendations to be relevant to perinatal services worldwide. Every woman has the right to proper prenatal care and she has a central role in all aspects of this care, including participation in the planning, carrying out, and evaluation of the care. Social, emotional, and psychological factors are fundamental in understanding how to provide proper perinatal care. Birth is a natural and normal process, but even “no risk pregnancies” can give rise to complications. Sometimes intervention is required to obtain the best result. In order for the following recommendations to be viable, a thorough transformation of the structure of health services is required together with modification of staff attitudes and the redistribution of human and physical resources.

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