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Commentary: For the Children’s Sake, Avoid non-Contrast CT

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McHugh K, Disini L. Commentary: for the children’s sake, avoid non-contrast CT. Cancer Imaging. 2011;11(1):16–18. Published 2011 Mar 1. doi:10.1102/1470-7330.2011.0003

Enough literature now exists such that doing a non-contrast abdominal or chest computed tomography (CT) scan for suspected mass lesions in children borders on malpractice. Although there is great uncertainty regarding estimated radiation doses and long-term cancer risks in childhood, there is no doubt that an entirely unnecessary CT study does more harm than good. When a chest or abdominal mass is suspected in a child, only a post-intravenous contrast enhanced CT examination is needed, and a prior non-enhanced CT run exposes the child to unnecessary radiation.

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