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Episiotomy: Clinical, Technical and Psychological Aspects

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Visco P, Tocca A, Russo PL. Considerazioni sull’episiotomia: aspetti clinici, tecnici e psicologici [Episiotomy: clinical, technical and psychological aspects]. Minerva Ginecol. 1996 Jan-Feb;48(1-2):39-43. Italian. PMID: 8750489.

The authors investigate the validity of a selective and not on a basic episiotomy utilization. Recent retrospective reports proved episiotomy could have a protective effect on 1st and 2nd grade lacerations and a predisposing effect on 3rd and 4th grade ones. As far as prevention of genital prolapse is concerned, few reports now exist that can confirm or deny this role attributed to episotomy. Concerning episiotomy efficacy in preventing neurologic damage risks to the fetus during labour, no difference was found in Apgar scores and in mortality rates in newborns with or without episiotomy, both in preterm labours and at term born babies. On the contrary episiotomy possible complications are fairly well documented, particularly dispaurenia and sexual dysfunctions on intercourse resumption after delivery.

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