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Perineal Outcomes on the Left Lateral Versus Vertical Semi-Sitting Birth Positions: a …

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Schirmer, Janine, Fustinoni, Suzete Maria, & Basile, Anatália Lopes de Oliveira. (2011). Perineal outcomes on the left lateral versus vertical semi-sitting birth positions: a randomized study. Acta Paulista de Enfermagem, 24(6), 745-750.

To evaluate the perineal outcomes in unconventional birth positions.

A randomized clinical study. Conducted in a birth centre in the city of Itapecerica da Serra, Brazil. A sample of 158 nulliparas, divided randomly into the left lateral position (81 experimental) and upright half-sitting (77 – control).

Experimental group showed less vulvar edema, 13.6% vs. 29.9%, OR 2.71 (95% IC 1.22 -6.02), episiotomy, 16.0% vs. 35.1 OR 2,46 (95% IC 1, 27 – 4.74), and more labial lacerations 37,0% vs. 19,5% OR 2,43 (95% IC 1,18 5,51). The women who adopted the upright half-sitting position had a lower risk of first-degree laceration (37,7% versus 56,8%). However, they had a higher risk of second-degree laceration and frequency of episiotomy OR 2,11 (95% IC 1,02 4,35). The presence of vulvar edema increased the risk of spontaneous trauma and episiotomy OR 3,99 (95% IC 1,80 8,85).

Our data confirmed the hypothesis that the left lateral position offers less risk of serious perineal traumas.

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