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Validation of the CHORES: A Measure of School-Aged Children’s Participation in Household Tasks

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Dunn L. Validation of the CHORES: a measure of school-aged children’s participation in household tasks. Scand J Occup Ther 2004; 11:179-90.

The CHORES (Children Helping Out: Responsibilities, Expectations, and Supports) is a clinical and research tool that measures school-aged children’s participation in household tasks. Separate performance and assistance scores enable examination of changes in children’s responsibilities for household tasks as they mature and the work of families to promote their participation. The Self-Care and Family-Care subscales afford study of cultural aspects of household tasks that may influence children’s participation and opportunities for learning. Thirty-two parents from diverse backgrounds participated in the first part of the study. Twenty-one of these parents participated in the test–retest study. The sample was culturally diverse and included parents of 6- to 11-year-old children with and without disabilities who have average or above intellect. Results from the psychometric analyses show that the CHORES has strong reliability and validity. The variance in children’s task performance and overall levels of assistance supports the utility of this measure for capturing differences among children in the extent of their participation. Stability of parents’ responses over time is strong both for performance (ICC, r=0.88) and for assistance (ICC, r=0.92) scores. The validity of the CHORES is supported by the parents’ judgments of the importance of involving their children in household tasks. The CHORES is easy to complete, considers the parent’s perspective, and provides a way to collect information on children’s participation in household tasks. The CHORES provides a mechanism to learn more about factors that influence children’s participation in household tasks, changes in their responsibilities over time, and outcomes from their participation in these tasks.

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