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Growth Graphs For The Clinical Assessment Of Infants Of Varying Gestational Age

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Babson SG, Benda GI. Growth graphs for the clinical assessment of infants of varying gestational age. J Pediatr. 1976 Nov;89(5):814-20. PubMed PMID: 978333.

Two graphs are presented showing means and 1 and 2 SD for growth in weight, length, and head circumference: (1) a fetal-infant graph with lines of growth from 26 weeks of gestational age until one year of age after “term” has been reached; and (2) a similarly constructed graph for children ages one through ten years. The standards of growth were obtained from published data in which the subjects received optimal health care. The graphs allow comparisons of infants of varying gestational age with standards for that age. Normal and abnormal deviations in growth are easily identified. Some examples of common variations in physical growth are described.

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