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Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 2-50: Particular Requirements for the Basic Safety and Essential …

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International Electrotechnical Commission. Medical electrical equipment – Part 2-50: Particular requirements for the safety of infant phototherapy equipment. INTERNATIONAL STANDARD IEC 60601-2-50 First edition 2000-07.

IEC 60601-2-50:2009 establishes particular basic safety and essential performance requirements for infant phototherapy equipment, which reduce the safety hazards to patients and operators as much as possible, and specifies tests for demonstrating compliance with these requirements. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2000. This edition constitutes a technical revision. The main purpose of this new edition is to provide consistency with the third edition of the general standard. This edition further provides consistency with the four other particular standards related to pediatric equipment for which the committee is responsible. The contents of the corrigendum of August 2010 have been included in this copy.

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