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The Use of Technology for the Safety of the Patient

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Schatkoski AM et al. The use of technology for the safety of the patient. Rev. Latino-am Enfermagem 2009 maio-junho; 17(3).

The process of medicament use is complex, multidisciplinary and full of psychological aspects, making kind of frequent the mistakes in medicaments with serious consequences to clients and hospital organizations. In that context, the care quality and the safety of the patients take over an important part in national and international literature, being recognized as the Safety Era. As reduction and prevention strategies of the mistakes in medicaments, the investment in technologies has been widely discussed. Thus, the text aims to discuss the importance of using technology for patient safety in Brazilian hospitals, concerning the use of medications. Among these technologies, we will discuss the use of computerized physician order entry, bar codes, dispensing and distribution of medicines by unit-dose and the “smart pumps”. Investing in technology to improve the working environments and patient safety is an issue that involves negotiation, considering the costs arising from medical errors and medication systems. Such investments can help with the care provided to patients, reducing the time of admission, in addition to keeping the workforce skilled and satisfied.

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